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Jinpei company which is located in the international informatization metropolis-Shanghai was founded in 2005 and has 30years experience in R&D of capacitors, owning three production bases: Tantalum capacitors base, electrolytic capacitors base, super capacitors base, ceramic capacitors base, film capacitors base. Readmore

Jinpei business planning

Over 30 years of experience in the capacitor,Super Capacitor, from the original single business to later diversified services.

We gradually establish a stable cooperation with electronic components company besides many capacitors companies. we are expanding the scale of resistor, inductor, potentiometers, two or three pole tubes, PCB plate and other supporting services and gradually improve their professional level With the improvement of production and management technology, the competition between enterprises is more and more intense. People found that it seems to have come to an end only by reducing the production costs to compete. The quality of the products is only a start for enterprise to enter the market. At this time, the focus of the competition turns to no-production field from production field, such as transportation, warehousing, logistics fields. People begin to study how to reduce the costs in these fields and improve the quality of the service to create the third source of profit.Electrolytic Capacitor

Jinpei Company is cooperating with many strong international logistics companies. These companies have offices in the overseas, owing plentiful experience of import and export declarations, customs clearance and the fees are very preferential.

We cooperate with a number of colleges and universities, communicate with their technicians with our own strong technology platform. We are dedicated in the high-tech research and development of capacitors. We actively contact customers in different fields, relating guests from the original instrument, LED, Gold Capacitor,audio, power supply, electronic toys, security, digital camera to today's oil drilling, solar energy, new energy vehicles, space communications and other high-end military areas.

Jinpei company utility model patent product (Patent No. ZL 201320254380.2) the gold capacitors(supercapacitors ultra capacitors EDLC) Jinpei got much related experience at the capacitors industry these year, and actively cooperate with some friends who is related that successfully research and development a gold capacitors’s new technology for outdoor use, this technology is mainly for the gold capacitors that a long time work in the outdoor with high and low temperature and deser the extreme climate-environment of Power equipment.. because of long time was used in the extreme climate that gold capacitors pin easily become oxidation and loose to connect the main part, and lead to leakage of electricity or short circuit etc undesirable phenomena,yet the gold capacitors of patent technology can add a espefical device at the connecting point of the gold capacitor pin to capacitors main part,so it can effectively increase the contact surface and adhesive strength between them. After many times of test and customers using that get verification , this technology has greatly reduced for the gold capacitors pin of problem lead to the accident rate, yet it does not affect the soldering is convenient.